DeAnne D. Salzer, M.S., CCC-SLP., BCaBA

DeAnne is a New Jersey licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologist and a board certified assistant behavior analyst.  She specializes in working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities.  With dual professions she has consulted in home and school settings and presented over 100 workshops for school districts, organizations, and universities over the past 11 years.  Her consultations and presentations have been conducted in NJ, NY, MA, PA, MD, HI and Ireland.  As a behavior consultant/speech language pathologist she develops, implements, and guides ABA programs which emphasize verbal behavior, conducts functional behavior assessments and develops intervention plans, provides social skills training, and educates staff on strategies and goals to optimize mainstreaming.  She partnered in developing and running a social skills camp for children with autism and other developmental disabilities that included the participation of  typical peers to facilitate positive social interactions and experiences while teaching important social skills. She has utilized her expertise in speech pathology and behavior analysis to develop techniques and workshops for facilitating vocalizations and intelligible speech in children with autism and other developmental disabilities.  As a speech language pathologist she also provides private speech and language assessments and  therapy for children with communication disorders and delays.  She has participated in creating workshop series and manuals used by school districts and organizations to train staff and parents.  She has written 7 articles for Your Child Today magazine to educate parents and professionals on communication deficits and early intervention.  Her passion and expertise continue to drive her mission to provide quality services and improve the quality of as many lives affected by autism and other developmental disabilities as possible.