Teaching Higher-Level Language and Related Skills to Students with Autism

This two-day workshop is designed to help prepare participants to teach advanced language skills to students with autism and other developmental disabilities. Hands-on activities will provide instruction on how to teach these skills utilizing specific prompting procedures within a discrete trial format.  It is strongly recommended that a VB-MAPP guide and protocol be brought to the workshop.

  • Identify the prerequisite skills required for targeting FFC’s.
  • Distinguish between and select examples of LRFFC, TFFC, and IFFC.
  • Utilize criteria for selecting individualized FFC targets.
  • Implement specific prompting and error correction procedures when teaching FFCs.
  • Record student progress utilizing detailed data and tracking sheets.
  • Demonstrate specific strategies (chaining and joint control) to teach advanced skills.
  • Follow multi-step discrete trial programs to teach advanced concepts (adjectives and prepositions).