Lisa Both, Autism Program Coordinator, Edison, NJ

I cannot say enough good things about Tom Caffrey and his dedicated and professional staff.  Tom is a passionate, knowledgeable instructor who enjoys sharing this passion.  He and his team of consultants provided five years of onsite clinical, educational, organizational and administrative behavioral training to Edison Public Schools.  In addition, I received individual supervision and mentoring from Tom.  His extensive background in autism, verbal behavior and observational learning has made him a valuable asset to our program’s success.  Tom’s comprehensive oversight of our newly formed Autism Program contributed to the success and integrity of the program.  Tom enjoys interacting with students of all backgrounds, from around the world.  His extensive training and experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis has afforded him a well-rounded perspective.  Tom’s experience working with an extensive range of developmentally disabled individuals led him to the creation of VBN Training.  VBN staff trainings are hands-on and supportive in nature.  They provide everyday practical examples, including procedural interventions of scientific integrity.

Tom is a master of his craft and empowers all those who work with him.  I am fortunate to say I am one of them.