Children with Autism Can Learn to Read!!!

Many children with autism in our school district learned to read (and comprehend) and do math using Direct Instruction (DI). The curriculum was not designed for children with developmental disabilities…. but we are sure glad our district invested in curriculum and the necessary training to implement it!

To this day, Project Follow Through (research base for DI) is THE most expensive and extensive educational research project in the history of mankind.  Sadly, most people are not aware of it!

Watch a video clip of Jen, a public school autism program teacher, and her teaching assistants using DI to teach reading and math:

Also, check out the article, CLEAR TEACHING: With Direct Instruction, Siegfried Engelmann Discovered a Better Way of Teaching, By Shepard Barbash and learn why:

“Students love Direct Instruction. They become engaged and excited, not passive and bored. Teachers who become proficient in DI prefer it because of the great results they get with students. Just an hour of DI instruction per day is typically enough to significantly improve student performance.”