Non-Vocal Children with Autism Can Learn to Read Too!!

Our 10/15/2013 post “Children with Autism Can Learn to Read” generated quite a bit of interest and follow-up questions both on and offline. This video blog addresses one of those questions:  Can Non-vocal children with autism learn to read using Direct Instruction (DI)?  ACTIONS speak louder than words, so here goes!

Watch James, a 5 year-old non-vocal student with autism (who started with only two speech sounds), use cards to ‘sound out’ his verbalizations.   Not only did DI help him learn to read, comprehend, and do math…..The daily practice was no doubt a contributing factor for him in learning to talk!

An article well worth the read: CLEAR TEACHING: With Direct Instruction, Siegfried Engelmann Discovered a Better Way of Teaching, By Shepard Barbash to discover why:  “Students love Direct Instruction. They become engaged and excited, not passive and bored. Teachers who become proficient in DI prefer it because of the great results they get with students.  Just an hour of DI instruction per day is typically enough to significantly improve student performance.”