“Overcoming Everyday Challenges of Autism”

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from Thursday, November 05, 2015
to Friday, November 06, 2015

FREE Workshop Sponsored by FATE and hosted by the Panhandle Area Education Consortium - PAEC
8:30 am - 4:30 pm - Chipley, FL

• BCBA CEU available
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With millions of children already diagnosed with autism, and tens of thousands being diagnosed every year, parents and teachers need real help…..and they need it NOW. Addressing the varied needs of a child with autism can be overwhelming for parents and teachers, often leaving them with more questions than answers: Which skills do I teach? When do I teach them? How do I teach them?
This two-day training will focus on the core deficits that define the autism diagnosis. The presenter will demonstrate, through extensive use of video case studies, how the principles of ABA can be applied effectively across settings and people to improve quality of life for children with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.
Specifically, participants will learn practical strategies that can help them to:
• Engage a child that shows little or no interest in interacting with others
• Expand a child’s interests and activities
• Decide if a child should be considered a “vocal” or “non-vocal” learner
• Teach functional communication skills to vocal and non-vocal children
• Engage children in meaningful social situations with their peers
• Teach a child to cooperate with routine demands
• Establish instructional control so a child can learn at a rate commensurate with their ability
• Describe how utilizing research-based teaching procedures can minimize the occurrence of problem behavior and improve the effectiveness of instruction
• Identify three reinforcement-based approaches that reduce problem behavior