About us

What We Do

Training teachers who work with children with autism and other developmental disabilities is all we do!  We are deeply committed to helping public schools develop superior autism programs and passionately believe that the best way to achieve this is to empower special education teachers.

VBN Training offers a series of workshops designed by special education teachers for special education teachers.  The primary purpose of our teacher training model is to help public schools “home grow” their experts in a cost-effective manner.

VBN Training also provides hands-on support for teachers to help ensure that the principles and procedures demonstrated during trainings are applied effectively in public school classrooms.

In addition to our comprehensive teacher training series, VBN Training has developed a parent training series that zeros in on the everyday challenges that parents of children with autism face. This parent training series is available to school districts that contract with VBN Training.

All workshops and instructional recommendations are based upon the research of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and include B. F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior.

Who We Are

VBN Training is comprised of some of the most talented and highly-trained special education teachers in the world.  Our trainers are special education teachers and/or speech-language pathologists dually certified as behavior analysts who work regularly in public school classrooms.

When you contract with VBN Training, you benefit from our combined expertise in the fields of Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech-Language Pathology, and Direct Instruction.

All of our trainers have extensive experience actually teaching in public schools classrooms.  We know first-hand the unique challenges special education teachers face including instructing large groups, training and supervising paraprofessionals, addressing the variability of student needs, collecting necessary data, and maintaining an effective schedule.

VBN Training is committed to assisting public school teachers create learning environments in which ALL students can thrive.